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Sarah Richie PhD neuorpsychologist in Memphis and Brentwood

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Handwritten name of Sarah Richie PhD

At Sarah Richie Ph.D. Neuropsychology, we look beyond just IQ scores and school grades to really understand how someone learns and grows, using detailed tests and observations for personalized treatment planning and fostering open communication with caregivers.


Dr. Sarah Richie performs comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children and adults for a variety of concerns. She works to provide clarity and understanding in creating the best “navigational road map” to guide treatment planning.

Why Neuropsych Evaluation?

Neuropsychological evaluation combines psychoeducational and neurocognitive testing, plus a review of psychosocial functioning, into one comprehensive evaluation.

Neuropsych Evaluation Forms

Please complete the history form prior to your appointment. For pediatric patients also complete the parent and teacher rating scales as soon as you can. Additional forms will be included at the evaluation.

Neuropsych evaluations for Autisim, dyslexia and developmental delays


Dr. Richie is a neuropsychologist in Brentwood, TN. Her specialized training in neuroanatomy and brain-behavior relationships allows her to provide a highly comprehensive review and subsequent understanding of the factors underlying presenting problems.

She provides highly thorough neuropsychological assessments for children and adults while putting them at ease with her fun-loving nature. Dr. Richie loves connecting with parents to explain her findings in terms that are easy to understand and answering questions with kindness and sensitivity.


She is passionate about her work and her involvement in organizations like Best Buddies. She enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends.

"Our family has been assisted by Dr. Richie since 2011. For each round of testing she has done for our children, her reports, recommendations, and skill have been top-notch. The kids' schools are always appreciative of the strength and "do-ability" of the recommendations, as well as the clarity of report. I am a clinical psychologist trained in both psychoeducational testing and neuropsychological testing, and I would not send my children to anyone else. In fact, we are currently scheduled to fly them from NY to Tennessee to complete their next round of testing with her."

Clinical Psychologist - Private Practice

Dr. Katherine Veazey-Morris

Associate Head of Trinity-Pawling School

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