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Michelle Payne • Office Manager

Michelle Payne

Michelle moved to Memphis in 1992 because of a career promotion, where she met and married her husband of 27 years. She now has 2 adult children. After her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety at the age of 9, Michelle began to educate herself in this area. Her experience of 10 years as a substitute teacher in K-8 public schools gave her the passion for helping children discover their unique learning skills based on their own God-given strengths and weaknesses. Michelle's son was also diagnosed with ADHD after his freshman year of college. Even though they are siblings with the same biological parents, their ADHD presents itself very differently.


When Michelle was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Richie in 2017, she was quite excited. Dr. Richie is such a delight to work with and Michelle loves her passion for what she does. Michelle believes with a correct and detailed diagnosis along with a strong support system of parents and school/therapists, all children have the ability to succeed. She is thrilled to be a small part of that process that begins with the first step of making an appointment.


  • Graduate of Mississippi State University with BS degree in Business/Marketing

  • 10+ years in Retail Food Sales

  • 10+ years in Direct Sales

  • 10+ years Substitute teacher in Shelby County Schools

  • Church and Community Volunteer

  • Wife of 27 years and Mother of 2 adult children

Assistant to Dr. Richie
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